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Export as Projector from Flash Pro CC

Update:  New Projector extension with 32-bit support, based on Flash Player 12 is now available. [Download ZXP ]
(Previous versions available below)

Projector Export UI

What are Projectors?

Projectors are Flash files that contain both the published SWF and Flash Player. Projectors can play like an ordinary application, without the need for a web browser, the Flash Player plugin, or Adobe AIR.

About this Extension:

Projectors were deprecated from Flash Pro CC, however, using this Extension you can now publish your Flash content from Flash Pro CC as a standalone application.

The exported Projector from Flash CC will be an .EXE file on windows and an .APP file on Mac, that can be played on any Windows and Mac machines respectively even without an installed Flash Player or plug-in.

How to Install:

Download the ZXP extension file and install it via the Extension Manager CC. (You must have Flash Pro CC installed on your system before using this extension)

How to Use:

1. Open the Fla file in Flash Pro CC that you wish to export as a projector.
2. Navigate to Commands Menu -> Export as Projector
3. Choose the location for saving your projector and click on ‘Select Folder’.

Download here:
ZXP Extension v2.1 (Cross Platform, 32 bit support, Flash Player 12 based, Mac 10.7 bug fix ) – 24 Jan, 2014
ZXP Extension v2.0 (Cross Platform, 64 bit support) – 20 Dec, 2013
ZXP Extension v1.0 (Generates .exe on Windows, .app on Mac) – 5 Dec, 2013

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