Projector Export (Flash CC)

Update (June-18):  I’m happy to inform, this has now officially been included in the latest release of Flash Pro CC 2014
Export as Projector (Flash Pro CC 2014)

Flash Pro CC 2014 > Commands Menu > Export as Projector

Update (Jan-26):  New Projector extension with 32-bit support, based on Flash Player 12 is now available. [Download ZXP ]
(Previous versions available below)

Projector Export UI

What are Projectors?

Projectors are Flash files that contain both the published SWF and Flash Player. Projectors can play like an ordinary application, without the need for a web browser, the Flash Player plugin, or Adobe AIR.

About this Extension:

Projectors were deprecated from Flash Pro CC, however, using this Extension you can now publish your Flash content from Flash Pro CC as a standalone application.

The exported Projector from Flash CC will be an .EXE file on windows and an .APP file on Mac, that can be played on any Windows and Mac machines respectively even without an installed Flash Player or plug-in.

How to Install:

Download the ZXP extension file and install it via the Extension Manager CC. (You must have Flash Pro CC installed on your system before using this extension)

How to Use:

1. Open the Fla file in Flash Pro CC that you wish to export as a projector.
2. Navigate to Commands Menu -> Export as Projector
3. Choose the location for saving your projector and click on ‘Select Folder’.

Download here:
ZXP Extension v2.1 (Cross Platform, 32 bit support, Flash Player 12 based, Mac 10.7 bug fix ) – 24 Jan, 2014
ZXP Extension v2.0 (Cross Platform, 64 bit support) – 20 Dec, 2013
ZXP Extension v1.0 (Generates .exe on Windows, .app on Mac) – 5 Dec, 2013

Also check out the new Motion Interaction Panel
(Motion Editor alternative for Flash CC)

46 responses to “Projector Export (Flash CC)

  • Lars

    You ought to rename the file extension to zxp, it is currently .zip which opens just fine, but the adobe extention manager cannot select the file.

  • Balazs Baksa

    I tried to install the Projector Export but the Extension Manager CC doesn’t installed it. The progress bar stopped at about 30% and didn’t move on. The little clock rotated and rotated endlessly… I waited for a half hour and tried to stop it. I couldn’t exit from Extension Manager.

  • Juan Pablo Granados (@johnpgranados)

    Hi. I’d like to publish an .exe file from a Mac. The person who actually needs the projector file has a PC.

  • nasthana

    @Lara, The extension is already uploaded as a ZXP file and gets picked up by the Extension Manager CC automatically. Are you facing any issues with the download?

    @Balazs, were you able to proceed with the installation with the extension I shared through email? Could you try out installing any other extension?

  • sujai

    Useful one. Thanks

  • Lars

    @Nasthana, strange… it seems to be a behaviour from Internet Explorer, if i download the file from IE i get a .zip file, if i download using the exact same link in Chrome i get an .zxp?

  • George Behrman

    Thank you for creating this. It solves a problem for us.

  • Alejandra M

    Thanks very much for this. Although I have a problem, I already downloaded the extension and exported as projector, but the project does not open. It says it´s not a win 32 valid application. Do you know what am I doing wrong?

  • andres ruiz

    I’m really confused now with flash and .exe deprecated functions.
    I tried the extension, but when I’m exporting the .exe, the cmd just crashes and close the windows, and the project never get published… do you know how can I fix that problem??
    thank you so much!!

  • Daniel

    Thanks for the great work on this extension! I’ve used it once, a few days ago, and it worked fine, but today when I tried it (on the same FLA file as before, only the OS X version is exported. All I get for win is: “Error! Win Projector could not be created.”
    I tried exporting it to the desktop, as well as to the documents folder. Tried restarting Flash. Tried rebooting computer. No luck. Are you aware of any troubles with this recently? Or is there a log somewhere where I can get a better picture of what’s not working?

    My setup: iMac with 3,5 GHz Intel Core i7. OS X 10.9.1. Flash Professional CC

  • Rob Pace

    Excellent work on this extension. However, it does not seem to play external videos (which unfortunately is exactly why I need it). Is there any reason this might be happeninng? It works fine in it’s swf form. Thanks for any help!

    • nasthana

      Hi Rob, I din’t see any problems with Projectors playing external videos. Can you verify the src paths are set correctly. Relative/absolute paths may also matter. Pl try with different files or on another system. It’ll be good if you can share your test file along with steps to repro.

      PS: The external videos are not embedded within the Projector so you must make sure the video files are present at the expected path if you move/share the projector.

      • Raymond

        I can’t get this to work with external videos… do you have a step by step for this… 🙂

      • nasthana

        Hi Raymond,
        It works fine for me for external videos. You just need to use FLV playback component on stage and link your video path in the ‘source’ in properties panel. Test Movie to verify and if it works fine it should work in the Projector as well!

  • Amol

    I am not able to create projector file for 32-bit windows. I am able to create projector for 64-bit. I downloaded the corresponding ZXP file. When I double-click it, the Extension Manager opens and then nothing happens. I get only ZIP file and not separate ZXP file. Please help.

    • nasthana

      Hi Amol,
      You might have taken an earlier version of the extention (which was based on 64 Flash Player). Can you first uninstall any existing projector ext from Extension Manager and then download and install the Latest Version from above. Also, avoid using IE for downloading this as it seems to rename the zxp to zip during download.

  • Amol

    I have downloaded the latest version shown on the top using Chrome. When I double-click it, Extension Manager CS6 opens. If I try to install the downloaded file, nothing happens. I have even downloaded the Flash Player 13 from withing Flash CC. But it does not show in Publish Settings.

    • nasthana

      Ok, then you may not have Extension Manager CC installed on your system. Please install the same before trying to install the extension. (EM CS6 and Flash Pro CS6 will not support this extension since CS6 already had it inbuilt)
      Also, once installed, this option will be available under Commands Menu and not in Publish Settings.

  • Amol

    That worked! Thanks a lot, Nipun.

  • E.T

    Hi, I’m using Flash CC & Windows 8 And I could export as projector when I first installed your extension something like 3 months ago. Nothing changed on my computer except a flash player update. Now I can only export as projector for WIN. While creating the mac one (which is the one I care about) I get an error saying that Cannot creating SWF File. I’ve tried saving it on my desktop and some other places, but no result. Do you have an idea ? Thanks.

  • E.T

    OK. Several hours to get it to work. But Problem Solved. Thx

    • nasthana

      Hi! What was the problem and how did you fix it?
      By the way, this extension is no longer needed as Flash Pro CC 2014 (14.0 and later versions) already have this installed by default. Just get the latest update of Flash pro from Creative Cloud App.

  • Carlien du Plessis

    I am using Flash Pro CC and trying to export a WIN projector file> But it gives me an error? what could the reasons be? (I am working on MAC)

  • Omab

    I have AIR app for desktop which I display images from folder, when I try to export it as projector and try the exe file it opens and close quickly.
    when I remove code and try just putting MovieClip in stage works !!!
    Beside that the exe icon shows Flash icon not Air !!! . Is there something wrong I’m doing ? .. Thank you

  • Martin

    I’ve been having a problem with Mac Projectors since CS 5.5 where I cannot both go full screen and hide the cursor at launch. The following code gets me a full screen projector with a visible cursor:

    stage.displayState = StageDisplayState.FULL_SCREEN;

    Either of those lines line work fine alone, but not together. It also worked up to CS 5, and I believe it still does on Windows.

    I’m happy to see that Projectors are back, but sad to see this is still around.

    • nasthana

      Hi Martin,
      Sorry for the delay. I noticed the issue that you pointed out, but unfortunately, I don’t have any solution as of now. This seems like a Player bug btw, since even normal swfs using your code fail to hide the Mouse pointer on Mac in full screen mode. I’ll let you know if I find a workaround. Thanks!

      • Martin

        So, this is still there in CC 2015.

        I do realize it’s the player, as I’ve worked around it in the past by replacing the Players folder with the one from CS 5, but those seem to crash occasionally for no apparent reason.

        What is the best way to go about getting this fixed?

  • khalifah Iskandar

    Dude! works like a charm. many thanks for you! 🙂

  • นิติรัช ไฝขาว

    Thanks a lot!!! @.@

  • Filippo Gregoretti

    Latest versions of Animate CC, both windows and Mac, Ugly bug with export projector: it opens the publish settings dialog. No more export projector dialog.

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