Flash CC – CS6 Compatibility

Update: New version is now available for download[Feb 03, 2014]
What is the Symbol Corruption issue in Flash?

If you work on Flash CC as well as previous versions of Flash, you may encounter a strange symbol corruption issue occasionally. You might have noticed some blank or corrupt symbols on Stage, or duplicate entries of symbols in the library sometimes (with an encoding like – &#060 etc).
All of this happen due to incompatible symbol names in your library and can be avoided as follows.

The reason behind it:

Symbols are handled a little differently in Flash CC that in previous versions. Due to this, if you create symbols in Flash CC  with names having certain special characters like | : ; & * , etc. or leading/trailing spaces, they get corrupt on re-opening the file or copy-pasting such symbols in Flash CS6.

Note: This issue is typically common if you have some Illustrator imported content, that uses auto generated symbol names like <Group>, <Path> etc.

A simple fix is to make sure not to use the above characters for symbol names or manually rename them. However, in case your library is big and you’re not sure if all the library items are compatible, use the attached JSFL extension to verify your library and auto-fix any incompatible symbol names that may be present.

It’s important to note that this corruption can only be avoided before using your Fla file in Flash CS6. Once saved in Flash CS6, the data gets permanently lost and is unrecoverable.
However, you won’t face any such issues if you work with only one version of Flash Pro.

How to use the Extension:
  1. Download the Extension and install it using Extension Manager CC.
  2. Open the Fla file that you wish to check for compatibility.
  3. Navigate to Commands Menu -> Verify your Library for CS6 Compatibility.
More information available here:  helpx.adobe.com/flash/kb/symbols-corrupted-flash-professional-cs6.html

3 responses to “Flash CC – CS6 Compatibility

  • rick

    How about files created from Flash CS6, when they are opened in Animate CC, symbols get corrupted as well. Is that the same case?

    • nasthana

      Only if it has one of those special characters in symbol names.

      • rick

        Here’s the thing. The file was originally created in Animate CC. When I opened it in Flash CS6, i saw what you were talking about (symbols with special characters). Then I clicked select unused, and almost all of the symbols with special characters were selected. If I delete those unused items in CS6, and opened it in Animate CC, will the file be corrupted (missing parts)?

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