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Custom Easing | Motion Tween | Flash Pro CC


Motion Editor has been one of the most missed features in Flash Pro CC, as indicated by a lot users. After its deprecation from the authoring tool, the level of control possible over the animations(Motion-Tween) has been very limited in Flash CC. Currently, people either need to use action-script for finer control over motion-tween or switch back to Flash CS6 for its Motion-Editor.

While a new and improved native editor is being investigated and might find its way into the product as part of a future update, here’s an alternative solution to help you out for the time being!

About this Extension

The Motion Interaction Panel is an action-script based panel for Flash CC that allows graphical editing of motion and ease curves of various individual properties in a motion tween. The detailed working is explained here.

Please note that this is a much simplified and limited alternative to the actual motion editor and only supports the most commonly used workflows.

Download Extension (Version 1)
How to Use (Detailed Help)
Report a bug
How to Install:

Download the ZXP extension file and install it via the Extension Manager CC. (You must have Flash Pro CC installed on your system before using this extension)

How to Use:

1. After installing, re-launch Flash CC
2. Launch the Panel by navigating to Windows Menu -> Extensions -> Motion Interaction
3. Select a Motion Tween on Timeline or a Motion object on stage to enable the Panel.
4. The panel gets enabled only when a motion tween is selected and displays various properties of the Tween

Do try out this extension and let me know if it's helpful! 
Also, please provide any feedback over its usability, improvement-suggestions or any issues that you encounter.
There are some cool new workflows under investigation. Follow this page for more updates coming up!

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